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It would be true to say that I have a lot of luck & I go against the grain

I graduated with a BA HONS in Photography from the Interactive Design Institute (IDI) in 2015, which became the catalyst to discovering who I am as a photographer

I am now focused on studying for my M.A in Visual Communication (Photography) & taking my creativity further

It's important for me to keep learning about the light...


I consider myself a story teller first & a photographer second

It is my intention to take the viewer on a conceptual journey of wonderment & reflection, casting more questions than answers

I like vibrancy & clarity in my images & the world at large incorporating bold subject matter

I am not a fan of mainstream fashion per se, preferring to get my style & influences from the street 


Images are powerful and can make statements without words

I want to harness this strength by pushing my own boundaries, in an attempt to produce something reflective of the past, but equally altogether new...


My influences are David La Chapelle, Kirsty Mitchell, Renaissance Fine Art & Drum & Bass

My archetype is bold, artistic & unorthodox